1. Style Icons and Penelope. In 90’s.

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  2. Billy, you touched our hearts.

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  3. The world looks wild then she wants to be bad. Excess, luxury and sensuality, are these words capable to describe Helmut Newton?

  4. Butterflies in her eyes and the look that kills… Time is passing and I’m askiing is she real? Gywneth Paltrow, an exception to this world.

  5. 90’s bites. Courtney  - sexy - Love. 

  6. Hello! I’m back.

    Jennifer Aniston, in the 90’s.


  7. Reblog if you’re thankful for all your followers

    I love you all babies! !! ♡♡

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  8. 80s-90s-supermodels:

    Givenchy F/W 1997
    Model : Jodie Kidd

    Wow. All I have to say.

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  9. clover-vintage:

    1959 Mademoiselle

    American Beauty. American Dream.

  10. Grunge Diary by Jonathan Leder.